Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Verizon Minutes Used Firefox Extension Version 0.1

After I wrote the TMobile minutes used Firefox extension, I received many requests to write a similar extension for Cingular, Spring, Verizon, etc. The difficulty, other than finding time to do it, is obviously I don't have account access to any of the other wireless web sites. Finally Mike Schmitt provided me with account access to Verizon and helped me with extensive testing and many useful suggestions. The first version of Verizon minutes Used Firefox Extension has arrived.


  1. Use Firefox's password manager to manage (retrieve and save) your Verizon Web site user name and password

  2. Optionally take a phone number specified by the user in case you have more than one phone number in the same account

  3. Display peak time minutes usage in the status bar.

  4. Display more detailed usage information in the status bar tooltip (after mouse-over the Verizon minutes usage status bar area), including the following information (if applicable):

    • Wireless Number
    • Peak, off peak and weekend minutes if more than 0
    • In calling peak and off peak
    • Time last call was made
    • In TXT sent and received
    • Other domestic sent and received
    • In PIX/FLIX sent and received
    • Other PIX/FLIX sent and received
    • Time last TXT message was made
    • Time last PIX/FLIX was made

  5. If you double click the Verizon minutes usage status bar area, you are directed to your account page, with no need to login